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School Opening and Safety Information » Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Safety Protocols
Is routine COVID-19 testing mandatory?
COVID-19 testing is optional for students and staff.
Is the COVID-19 vaccine mandatory?
Vaccination for COVID-19 is not required. Those five and older are encouraged to get vaccinated.
What type of COVID-19 testing is used?
The district has contracted with an approved lab for nasal swab polymerase chain reaction (PCR) COVID-19 tests.
What type of personal protective equipment will be available at the school sites?
Face masks, face shields, face shields with drapes, hand sanitizer, disposable gowns, and gloves are available at school sites.
What is contract tracing?
Once the district receives a verified positive report of COVID-19 within the school or worksite, the district conducts an investigation to determine person(s) that may have been in close contact with the person reported as positive.
What is a close contact?
When conducting contact tracing for a positive report, close contact is considered 1) being within 6 feet of an exposure for more than 15 minutes in a 24 hour period; 2) unprotected contact or exchange with bodily fluids.
How will I be notified if my child has been exposed to COVID-19?
A letter will be sent home to inform families of potential exposure to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 with directions for quarantine, Department of Public Health follow-up, and testing for COVID-19.
In-Person Instruction
Will students attend school full-time?
School will be in session full-time for students attending in-person.
Will schools have weekly minimum days?
Minimum days are scheduled for each Tuesday.
Can I elect to join independent study if I start the year with in-person instruction?
Families can exit in-person instruction and join independent study. The change of program requires five school days to process.
Will the teacher be teaching students online and in-person?
Teachers will only teach students in-person. Zoomies will not be part of the school day.
Independent Study Virtual Learning
How can I register for independent study?
Complete a Request for Independent Study at https://forms.gle/a4UmQYVAo8EXoCyE6.
Is Spanish dual immersion available as an independent study option?
Spanish dual immersion is not offered as an independent study option.
Will my child have live instruction every day?
Students will receive 45 minutes of live instruction each day from their assigned teacher via Zoom.
Will my student be provided an iPad to use for independent study?
Your child will have access to a District provided iPad for use in independent study.
Can a student with an individualized education program (IEP) participate in independent study?
A student with disabilities, as defined in Education Code 56026, shall not participate in independent study unless the student’s individualized education program specifically provides for such participation.
What curriculum will students in independent study use?
Students in independent study will use an online curriculum. Stride K12 - Powered Online School Overview https://youtu.be/NTY-pILAMiU
Can I elect to join in-person instruction if I start the year with independent study?
Families can exit independent study and join in-person instruction. The change of program requires five school days to process.
Will I still be part of my home school while on independent study?
A student on independent study is not included as a student at their home school. Independent Study is a District program separate from the home school.
Can I participate in school events or activities while on independent study?
Students on independent study may not attend school events or activities.
Will my child be assigned a teacher for independent study?
Students will be assigned a general education teacher for independent study.
School Meals
Are student meals free this school year?
School meals are free for the 2021-2022 school year.
How will meals be handled?
For in-person learning, breakfast and lunch will be served daily at the school sites. The lunch meal will include a hot entrée. Students enrolled in Independent Study may participate in the weekly Grab n Go meal distribution on Mondays from 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM at Andrews K -8 School, Early Childhood Education Center, or Sorensen Science Academy.
Do I need to complete a meal application?
You are highly encouraged to complete a meal application as these applications help families qualify for the P-EBT cards and CalFresh benefits. They also help with school funding.