Whittier City School District Students First. Every Decision-Every Day.

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Strategic Plan

“Students first.  Every Decision. Every Day.”


At the core of our work is the shared responsibility of parents, students, and staff to ensure that every student acquires the necessary academic content and skills needed to live a productive and meaningful life and to be a responsible contributing person in our community and world.

The mission of the WCSD is to partner with students, parents, and the community to ensure learning so every student reaches his/her optimum potential and has a positive impact on a global society.

The Vision of What We Aspire To Become

WCSD is comprised of high-performing learning academies and schools that use interactive state-of-the-art technology to successfully instruct and serve our diverse learners, as well as parents, staff, and community members. Our highly qualified staff use research based practices to provide an exceptional educational program, including timely and appropriate academic and behavioral interventions as well as multiple enrichment opportunities for gifted learners. We strive to ensure all of our students and their families have a high quality education that incorporates a diversified curriculum, including character development, physical education and the arts.  Our modern, clean and orderly facilities will provide a secure learning environment for our students and staff.  In order to engage parents as partners, we are committed to communicating effectively with our families to foster and promote strong home to school partnerships that contribute to the success of all of our students.

Organizational Beliefs

We strive to ensure our exemplary school district implements the following beliefs:

We believe that every member of our community is responsible for creating a safe and nurturing environment that builds respect into the culture and community.  We believe that every member should feel included, valued and above all, respected.

We believe that creating a shared vision involves collaboration at all levels.  By creating a shared vision, we establish a clear focus and direction which creates a sense of importance and determines our collective aspirations and goals.

We believe that learning and continuous growth is a lifelong pursuit, compelling  us to be reflective in our practices, to provide continual professional development, and to seek out quality innovative programs that support our commitment to excellence.

We believe that growth occurs when there is a willingness to take risks and constantly reflect on successes and failures.  We are committed to passionately getting better in everything we do.

We believe people are most successful when they analyze, anticipate and plan for the future and create a visionary culture that can identify significant trends before they become commonly accepted.

We believe that when every member is part of the decision-making process they are vested in the growth and development of the district and share in the overall responsibility for the success of our organization.  


We believe that recognizing excellence strengthens our culture and should be public, consistent, impactful and specific. It should be given in a targeted manner for noticeable growth by staff, students, parents, and partner organizations.

We believe that celebration is important and necessary for creating a positive culture and pride in our schools.  Celebrations bring people together and motivate stakeholders to work hard and stay focused on our mission and contribute to an outstanding work environment.

Student Learning Outcomes

We seek to prepare students to become effective:

Communicators: Students will share thoughts, formulate questions, generate ideas, communicate solutions in innovative ways and demonstrate excellent writing skills.

Effective Communicators will:

    • Listen actively in order to understand, analyze, and evaluate
    • Read, write, and speak clearly and effectively in a variety of contexts
    • Utilize multiple modes of communication to convey ideas in a respectful manner

Collaborators: Students will establish positive working relationships in order to respectfully and responsibly work together in diverse learning groups.

Effective Collaborators will:

    • Listen to new ideas and make thoughtful contributions to achieve a common goal
    • Effectively utilize group research, collective talent and expertise and carry out individual responsibilities in order to develop new ideas
    • Collaboratively develop solutions and create products that demonstrate new learning

Critical Thinkers: Students will analyze and understand increasingly complex problems and use facts to solve problems in unique ways and link learning across subjects and disciplines. Students will integrate the broad spectrum of critical thinking skills to be innovative problem solvers beyond the academic setting, successfully applying them to real life scenarios.

Effective Critical Thinkers will:

    • Synthesize information from multiple sources
    • Look at problems with innovative perspective
    • Apply learned skills, complex problem-solving processes and critical thinking to new problems and real life scenarios
    • Develop and extend their learning beyond formal academic setting
    • Identify, organize, assimilate, analyze, combine, and assess essentials in order to create construct models
    • Analyze, integrate and synthesize multiple sources and perspectives to formulate a justifiable rationale within various contexts

Creators:  Students will collaborate to create and integrate new ideas from peers and experts to grow and develop novel ideas and concepts.   

Effective Creators will:

    • Persevere and take risks
    • Explore multiple creative methods
    • Collaborate with others effectively to generate innovative thinking
    • Make connections from all disciplines in developing new ideas

Citizens: Students will be informed, ethical, responsible, and active participants in a global society.

Effective Citizens will:

    • Demonstrate respect for people different from themselves
    • Resolve conflicts peacefully
    • Understand the impact of actions and words toward others in all forms of communication, including social media