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About Us

Reach for the Stars Commitment to Diversity 
Whittier City School District values diversity in our community and in our schools. Our goal is to provide programs and services that support the academic, social and emotional well being of all of our students. Our Reach for the Stars program aims to provide and environment that inspires staff and students to reach their full potential for excellence.  We work tirelessly to provide a culturally rich program for our students through music, dance, choir, team sports, and celebrations.  All students ranging from Kindergarten to 8th grade are invited to participate and an effort is made to provide something of interest to every student.  Similarly, we strive to recruit and retain diverse, high quality teachers and support staff who are thoughtful, multi-talented and who reflect the growing diversity of our community and our students.  Together with the district, we endeavor to create a culture that celebrates individuality and who values and respects differences among people.  We continuously review the effectiveness of our staff and programs to ensure that our practices help us achieve our goals of a diverse, culturally rich program.



            Our programs seek to help raise the leaders of tomorrow, by teaching students 21st century skills such as critical thinking, collaboration, communication and creativity. These skills help students become lifelong learners, which ultimately benefits the community.   Our Reach for the Stars and Jump Start programs gives students more time to gain these skills, and explore different ways of learning, all the while preventing learning loss that affects so many children every year.


            In order to ensure exceptional youth development, Reach for the Stars and Jump Start Programs use the Learning in After School (LIAS) principles to create quality programming.

  1.       Learning that is Active
  2.       Learning that is Collaborative
  3.       Learning that is Meaningful
  4.       Learning that Supports Mastery
  5.       Learning that Expands Horizons


Through our collaborative efforts, we hope to expand our mission of providing a safe and nurturing environment for students and community members to learn and grow.