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Special Education » Services for Students with Special Needs

Services for Students with Special Needs

Referral for Intervention
Current Federal and State Special Education regulations require school districts, as part of the special education eligibility determination, to assure that the suspected disability is not due primarily to lack of instruction, second language acquisition, or environmental factors.  The re-authorization of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act includes a provision that allows school districts to require the implementation of research based interventions prior to considering a student disabled under the category of Specific Learning Disability.  Interventions should be considered, documented, and implemented.
A pupil shall be referred for special education instruction and services only after the resources of the regular education program have been considered, and where appropriate, utilized (CEC 56303).
In WCSD, a Student Learning Committee (SLC) comprised of regular education teachers supported by special education personnel and other staff members meet on a regular basis to create alternative solutions for students who are experiencing difficulties in the school setting.
The goal of the SLC is to provide an effective support system of help to classroom teachers, other staff members, students, and parents for resolving school-related concerns and problems.  The following areas should be taken into consideration when determining the cause for the concerns:
  • Academic Deficiencies
  • Behavioral/Emotional Difficulties
  • Poor Attendance
  • Vision and/or Hearing Difficulties
  • Health Problems
  • Perceptual-Motor Difficulties
  • Poor Social Skills
  • Limited English Proficiency
  • Other
Special Education Programs Offered
General Education
Resource Program
Special Day Class