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Student Services » Permits


Whittier City School District will start accepting Inter and Intra District permits

for the following school year in February.

Procedures to apply for an Inter-District Permit (to exit our district):
  1. Apply for a transfer by completing the Inter-District Permit form and email it to our Student Support Office to [email protected].

  2. Provide necessary documents based on the reason of your request. It is the parents’ responsibility to submit required documentation in order to process the permit in a timely fashion
                  a.   If your request is due to employment, proof of employment is required. 
                  b.   If your request is due to child care, you will need to complete and submit the Child Care Verification Form.

  3.       Review the Transfer Agreement Form for approval reasons.

  4.       Processing may take from a couple of weeks to 30 days or longer, depending on the time of the year.

  5.       You will be notified when the permit has been process via email or phone call.
Procedures to apply for an Inter-District Permit (to enter our district):
  1. Apply at your District of Residence to be released.

  2. If your District of Resident grants you a release and approves your permit request, you can submit it at the school you are requesting or to the Student Support Office to [email protected] 

  3. You will be notified after your permit has been processed and approved via email or phone call. Please note that processing may take over 30 days.
Procedures to apply for an INTRA-DISTRICT Permit (within the District): 
  1. Apply at your school of residence by completing the Intra-District Permit form (English) / Intra-District Permit form (Spanish) or you may also email it to your school of residence to be release. 

  2. You will be notified after mid-May of the status of your permit request.  
Permit Overview: 

An Inter-District Permit is a provision under California law that allows parents/guardians to enroll their student(s) in a school outside of their designated attendance area or district. 
  1. Legal Requirement:  California law mandates school districts to provide education to students within their attendance area. 
  2. Choice Limitations: While students have the right to free public education, the law does not guarantee admission to their school of choice or neighborhood school. 
  3. Local Control Principle: California's education system values local control, allowing districts to manage their resources and make decisions based on the unique needs of each district. 
  4. Inter-District Transfer Agreement: Parents/guardians can pursue an inter-district transfer/reciprocal agreement to register/enroll their student(s) in a school outside their district.
  5. Legal Basis - California Education Code: Sections 46600-46610 permit parents/guardians to request an inter-district transfer agreement.  The fundamental basis for this provision is the signing of an agreement between districts. 
  6. Approved Process: The agreement must be approved by both the student's original district of residence and the receiving district.  
  7. Validity and Conditions:  The agreement can extend for a maximum of five consecutive years and may have specific terms or conditions.  If a student who was granted a permit moves into a different residence area, their current permit becomes invalid.  Parents would need to apply for a new permit. 
  8. Revocation Authority:  The home or receiving district can revoke the inter-district transfer agreement at any time for reasons deemed appropriate by the local board or district superintendent. 
  9. Appeals Process: In case of denial, parents/guardians have the right to file an appeal within 30 days of receiving the official notice of denial.
Intra-District Permits are required for students who do not attend their designated school of residence. The permit form outlines the specific reasons for requesting one.
  1. Review and Transportation:  All Intra-District Permits are subject to periodic review.  Transportation is NOT provided for students with Intra-District Permits. 
  2. Displacement and Revocation:  Students may face displacement/revocation due to excessive enrollment or providing inaccurate information. 
  3. An Intra-District Permit may be revoked for the following reasons:
    a. If the child is left improperly supervised for a period of the day. 
    b. If continuance would lead to an enrollment overload as defined by District Policy or California law.
    c. In case of excessive tardiness or absence (non-fulfillment of SART contract). 
    d. If the child is brought to school excessively early or left excessively late. 
    e. If the students has unacceptable behavior, failure to follow school rules, or violations of Ed. Code. 
    f. Unwillingness on the part of the student or parent to cooperate with school officials (violating Civility Code).
    g. When student behavior compromises or endangers the welfare of teh student or other students.  
Please contact our office if you have any questions (562) 789-3017