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Agendas » Decmber 11, 2018 Approved Reports & Minutes

Decmber 11, 2018 Approved Reports & Minutes

Minutes for December 11, 2018 Board of Education Meeting
A.1 Auditor's Report
A.2 First Interim Financials
1. Report No. 2018-19:69 – Approve Non-Bargaining Unit Non-Management Hourly Employee Salary Schedule
2. Report No. 2018-19:70 – Audit Report for the Year Ending June 30, 2018 for Whittier City School District and Order the Report Filed

3.   Report No. 2018-19:71 - Approve the First Interim Report for the Period Ending October 31, 2018 and Order the Report Filed

  1. Report No. 2018-19:72 – Adopt Resolution No. 2018-19-R7 Regarding Annual Accounting of Developer Fees for the  2017-18 Fiscal Year

5. Report No. 2018-19:73 – Adopt Resolution No. 2018-19-R8 Ratifying Budget Revisions, Resulting Transfers, Increases and/or Decreases in Appropriations for the 2018-19 Budget

     6.   Report No. 2018-19:74 - Adopt Resolution No. 2018-19-R9 

          Implementing Prequalification of Construction Contractors 

          Under Public Contract Code Section 20111.6

  1. Report No. 2018-19:75 - Authorization of Signature for  

           Jennifer Hawn, Assistant Superintendent, Human Resources

           to Sign All Orders for Salary or Commercial Payments,

           Notices of Employment, and Contracts for the Whittier City

           School District, Effective November 26, 2018

8. Report No. 2018-19:76 - Reclassification Criteria
1. Report No. 2018-19:77 – Approve Personnel Matters

2. Report No. 2018-19:78 – Approve Clinical Placement Affiliation Agreement with the University of South Dakota

3. Report No. 2018-19:79 – Approve Participating School District

        Intern Agreement Memo of Understanding with Loyola  

        Marymount University

4. Report No. 2018-19:80 – Approve Contract for Educational  and Instructional Programs with Loma Linda University

5. Report No. 2018-19:81 – Approve Social Work Intern Agreement with Whittier College

6. Report No. 2018-19:82 – Approve Community Advisory Committee (CAC) Members Representing the Community

7. Report No. 2018-19:83 – Approve Conference Attendance

8. Report No. 2018-19:84 – Second Reading and Approval of Board Policy No. 5144.1 Suspension and Expulsion/Due Process

9. Report No. 2018-19:85 - Approve Nonpublic School General Agreement and Individual Service Agreements, and Nonpublic Agency General Agreement and Individual Service


10. Report No. 2018-19:86 - Ratify Change Order No. 2 with Golden Phoenix Construction., Inc. dba Golden Phoenix Electric for Structured Wiring (Group 1) at Various Sites as Designed by Architects MSP (Project No. MSP 16-1026)

11. Report No. 2018-19:87 - Approve Filing Notice of Completion for Jackson Office Remodel and HVAC Upgrades as Awarded to DC Integrate, Inc.  



12. Report No. 2018-19:88 - Amend Joint Use Agreement between Whittier City School District and the Whittier Utility Authority 

13. Report No. 2018-19:89 – Approve Contracts

14. Report No. 2018-19:90 – Ratify Payrolls, Purchase Orders, and Warrants

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